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If you think you or your staff need to improve performance, you should try professional business coaching. Your PD is your local business coach for Chippenham and surrounding areas. Call now on 01225 775036.

Your PD


For Training and Development & Business Coaching

in Chippenham and surrounding areas



Is it your responsibility how your staff performs?



Do you spend too much money on training and development?



Would you like to achieve more on a personal and professional level?



Then why not contact Andrew Jackson at Your PD

on 01225 775036/07789 866586.



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About Your PD



Owned by Andrew Jackson (Lead Consultant), Your PD provides personal and business coaching to people in all industries.



When you contact Your PD to assist with training and development and business coaching, we will work with your staff to improve their performance. This is done by identifying various development needs e.g.





Personal Development.



Training and Development and Business Coaching



Improve your Chippenham business and employee performance through professional training and development and business coaching programmes e.g.



  • Aligning Organisational Goals with Individual Needs;
  • Developing High Performance Relationships;
  • Getting the Best from Your People;
  • High Performance Teams;
  • Customer Service Excellence;
  • Management Development (in line with your organisation);
  • Managing Change (in line with your organisation).


Personal Coaching


In addition, we also specialise in personal coaching and provide training groups to help individuals gain a greater understanding of their (and others) motivations, drives and preferences. Training themes include:



Understanding Personal Performance;

Creating Success;

Goal Setting;

Personal Development Planning;

Understanding Others;

Effective Communication;

Personal Leadership;

Developing Relationships;

Positive, Powerful Influencing;



Want more advice and information on the Bespoke Training and Development programmes provided by Your PD? Then call Andrew Jackson now on

01225 775036/07789 866586




If you're looking for affordable training and development and business coaching in Chippenham you should call Your PD now on

01225 775036/07789 866586 and help your business be the best it can!



As a member of the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis, Andrew is developing himself towards being a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA (Org)) and is bound by the IDTA Code of Ethics.



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