• The Salvation Army Hall
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Step into the Doorway and feel a warm welcome at Chippenham’s drop in centre of success. A charitable organisation for the homeless.

Being homeless and sleeping on the streets in rural English towns is a rare sight. However in North Wiltshire there are many homeless people who much of the time are taken in by friends should their relationship break down, or if they find themselves unemployed and unable to cover financial commitments.




Staying with friends in the short term can be effective but what about situations where people may have problems? Can your friends counsel you, or help you develop skills to get you back into society with a job and a place to live?


At Doorway, we can help. Our door is always open. We have a team of friendly, qualified staff who can provide you with an ear to listen, a smile to brighten your day, and advice, knowledge, counselling and support to help you get your life back on track.




At Doorway you will find:


  • Freshly prepared hot meals


  • Shower and Laundry facilities


  • Clothing and sleeping bags


  • One to one support from trained staff


  • Specialist support and advice services where necessary


  • Various activities including computer games, music sessions, supervised IT sessions


Time to Make a Change





Are you homeless and in desperate need of support and assistance? Or maybe you know someone who is? Doorway could be the answer. At Doorway you enter through one door and we provide you with opportunities; to help you grow and develop. We provide support and guidance so you can leave through a new door, to embark on a new journey in your life.




Open a New Door





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Please remember to mention The Best of Chippenham when Doorway supports you - helping you move on in your life.



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