Mind (Derbyshire)
Mind (Derbyshire)
  • RTC Business Centre, 3rd Floor, Kelvin House, London Road, Derby
    DE24 8UP
Derbyshire Mind, established as a local mental health group in 1967, is an independent local association affiliated to the national charity Mind. As part of our affiliation agreement we maintain a quality management system in order to ensure rigorous standards across the network of Local Mind Associations. Mind is a national organisation with an extensive network of local associations and shops located throughout England and Wales. Local Mind associations (LMAs) and Mind charity shops are a vital part of the Mind network. At your LMA you can access a wide range of services tailored to your community. If you are looking for a particular service contact Sinead Dalton at Derbyshire Mind to see where it is offered near you. At our Mind charity shops you can support Mind's work by donating or purchasing goods.
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