Upcoming Blood Donation Sessions in Chesterfield
5th October 2011
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Will you do something amazing today and arrange to give blood in Chesterfield?


We all know that giving blood is something that we should try to do but some of us may not do so, as we are worried about the process or cannot take time out of work to donate.  Did you know that a massive 96% of us rely on the remaining 4% on donating their blood.  Come on let's do our bit!  If you are aged between 17 and 65 and re generally healthy then you can donate. 


Listed below are the up and coming Blood Donor sessions in Chesterfield and Dronfield until the end of the year.  As you can see there are many sessions and lots are in the evening or week-ends to help us fit them around work restraints.  To book onto any of these sessions (and to confirm times and days) or to find a donating session further afield, please do so via the National Blood service website:


The Winding Wheel, S41 7SA
Thursday 22nd August 2013: 12.00-14.45 & 16.15-19.30
Friday 30th August 2013:       12.00-14.45 & 16.15-19.30 
Monday 14th October 2013:   12.00-14.45 & 16.15-19.30 
Sunday 27th October 2013:    10.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.00 

Chesterfield Football Club. B2Net Stadium, S41 8JT
Sunday 11th August 2013:       10.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.00 
Monday 16th September 2013: 12.00-14.45 & 16.15-19.30 
Tuesday 24th September 2013:12.00-14.45 & 16.15-19.30 


Clay Cross Social Centre, S45 9JE
Friday 16th August 2013:   11.15-12.45 & 14.00-16.00 & 17.00-19.15
Friday 11th October 2013: 11.15-12.45 & 14.00-16.00 & 17.00-19.15


Bolsover School, S44 6XA
Sunday 27th October 2013: 09:45-13:00 & 14:00-15:30


Dronfield Civic Centre, The Civic Hall, S18 1PD
Friday 2nd August 2013:     11.45-15.00 & 16.30-19.30
Friday 16th August 2013:    11.45-15.00 & 16.30-19.30 
Friday 4th October 2013:    11.45-15.00 & 16.30-19.30 
Friday 18th October 2013:  11.45-15.00 & 16.30-19.30 
Friday 8th November 2013:11.45-15.00 & 16.30-19.30  


Speedwell Rooms, Staveley, S43 3JL
Monday 19th August 2013: 11.00-14.30 & 16.00-19.15


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