Ultimate Brows & Lashes at Brampton Manor
17th November 2012
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Ultimate Brows & Lashes are the newest offering from Brampton Manor Spa.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a popular and effective way to enhance the length of your own lashes and make them look longer and thicker.

You can choose the 'look' you want, from a more natural look to a very much full-on glamour look.  Dependent up what you want depends on the length and thickness of lashes they use for you.  Each one is then glued individually to your own eyelashes.  With the correct care and maintenance these will last for up to 2 months!

The procedure generally takes around an hour and is painless, you lie with your eyes closed whilst the eyelash specialist, works their magic!

I was pleasantly surprised with the end result...  The eyes certainly look more defined and appear more open, very happy to know that there is NO need for mascara whilst these are in too.  There was no weird feeling after they were applied either and even though I wear glasses, wearing was not affected.  Certainly something I will do again especially when there is a special occasion coming up and I do believe my eyes will feel quite 'naked' without them!

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