This Week's Chesterfield Cinema Listings
19th April 2012
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This weeks Cinema Listings for Chesterfield Cineworld.

Friday 20 April 2012 - Thursday 26 April 2012.


Advance Showings

# MARVEL AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (12A contains moderate fantasy violence)  - advance box office also available for the opening week: Friday April 27th - Thursday May 3rd

(12.40, 1.20, 4.30, 7.45pm Th only)

[3D]  (2.10, 2.50, 3.50, 5.20, 6.00, 7.00, 8.30, 9.15pm Th only)


Now Showing

SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN (12A contains infrequent strong language and moderate sex references) 

(12.50 Sa-Su, Th only), 3.10, 5.40, 8.10pm


GONE (15) 

(11.30am Sa-Su only), 1.45, 4.00, 6.30, 8.50pm



(11.40am Sa-Su only), 2.00, 4.10, 6.40, 9.00pm


# BATTLESHIP (12A contains moderate violence, threat and implied strong language) 

(11.10am Sa-Su only), 2.30, 5.30, (6.20, 8.30 except Th), (8.45 Th only), (9.20pm except Th)

(AD) Audio Description (6.20, 9.20pm except Th)

(S) Subtitled Performances (6.20pm M only)



(12.20 Sa-Su only), 2.40, 4.50, 7.10, 9.30pm


TITANIC [3D] (12A contains strong language, nudity, intense threat and disturbing images) 

(12.15 Sa-Su only), (4.15, 8.20pm except Th)

(AD) Audio Description (12.15, 4.15, 8.20pm except Th)

(S) Subtitled Performances (12.15pm Su only)



12.10, 2.20, (4.40pm except Th)


# WRATH OF THE TITANS (12A contains moderate fantasy violence and threat) 

(7.00pm except Th)



(12.00 Sa-Su only), (2.15, 4.20pm except Th)  (AD) Audio Description all showtimes

[3D]  (11.20am Sa-Su only), (1.30, 3.40, 5.50pm except Th)


STREETDANCE 2 [3D] (PG)  -  

(10.30am Sa-Su only)


THE HUNGER GAMES (12A contains intense threat, moderate violence and occasional gory moments) 

(11.00am Sa-Su only), (2.10 except Th), 5.20, 8.40pm


21 JUMP STREET (15) 

(9.10pm except Th)


THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL (12A contains strong language, moderate sex references and racist remarks) 

(8.00pm except Th)



Movies for Juniors - fun, games and a movie

HORRID HENRY - THE MOVIE (U) (10.15am Sa only)


HOP (U) (10.10am Sa only)


PUSS IN BOOTS (U) (10.20am Sa only)


# - passes not valid - except Unlimited cards

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