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1st August 2011
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I currently write about the current state of the local drinks industry in Derbyshire and some areas beyond. In this my interests lies mainly on real ale and cider however from time to time I will include wines and spirits. The main reason for this choice is the high number of quality breweries in the area that need support.


Any information regarding my previous blog posts can be found on the links located on my profile however to make this easier I will write a link on this post if your interested in any of my previous writing. The other link is connected to my twitter account which I often update in real time about what I’m up to if I’m out and about with my lap top on a brewery visit, festival, tasting etc. Finally the facebook links to a quality local real ale shop which won the award in 2010 for retailer of the year, this shop is called The Real Ale Corner and has a large range of ales, ciders and wines available to take out or drink in the shop or on the better days even enjoy in the newly refurbished beer/cider/wine garden, take your pick. 


Future posts will concentrate on the development of local breweries and any new breweries popping up in the area as well as excisting ones, festivals during the year and tasting’s for various drinks. Before each occasion I will also make a post as soon as possible to make it readily available for any people wanting to attend.

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About to start a course in nutrition, health and lifestyle at Sheffield hallam university, however in spare time i frequently blog, twitter and all the rest of it about the local drink industry's in Derbyshire...

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