Royal Baby, Camera, Action!
23rd July 2013
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Most of the world waited with baited breath to catch the first glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Baby Boy.  Research from Nikon however, reveals that most UK mums are unhappy with the first pictures of them and their new born and share some top tips for newborn photography.

The eagerly awaited Royal Baby arrived on Monday 22nd July 2013 at 4:24pm, weighing a very healthy 8lb 6oz.

Being a new mum for the first time can put you in the spotlight and no more so, than the Duchess of Cambridge as the world waited for the new Prince to be presented to them.  

According to new research carried out by Nikon:

  • 70% of new mums will have their photo taken within 3 hours of giving birth, with over half of these taken straight after the birth.

  • On average, 19 photos of mum and baby are taken within the first week of birth.

  • However, 86% of 1st time mums are not happy with the photos taken, the week after birth. Further it can take over a month before over one in five new mums say they start feeling comfortable in front of the camera.


First snap etiquette

Pictures of the beautiful Kate and cute baby boy have already started flooding our TV screens and are sure to dominate the front pages tomorrow, but the research suggests a strict etiquette to follow when sharing photos of your own friends or family’s new baby on social media.

  • Just over half of first time mums wouldn’t allow any photos of their new born to be posted on social networks or would need to give their approval first.

  • A fifth of mums were happy, as long as they could post the first picture.


Capture the moment

Having said the above, new mums state that the most important moments captured on camera in their baby’s first six months happened within a few hours of being born.

  • Nearly half want a picture with their new born in hospital and 41% with the addition of their immediate family.

  • Almost a third, want a photo of the baby leaving the hospital, and a further 44% on arrival back at home.


TOP TIPS for photography around the time of a new arrival courtesy of Royal photographer and Nikon user Arthur Edwards 

Babies don’t like flash. If you can get the new mum to move by the window, then the natural light can do its job.  

Time of day
Always catch the baby after a feed and a sleep, this will mean they are happy and content, and not grumpy. 

A different background can help make your photos stand out, like a coloured cushion underneath the baby

It’s important to have a good camera, and always have it charged! When a baby has a fit of giggles you need a camera on hand to be able to capture that moment

Tips for new mums
Make sure you’re happy with your eye make-up and keep your hair off the face.
A tight composition with just faces in the frame will mean there’s no distracting detail in the background, such as a hospital bed.
Let others take the camera – remember you will want photos of you and the new arrival. 

When you have a great photo, make sure you actually PRINT it! If you haven’t got your memories, you haven’t got anything....


If you want some extra special photographs of your little cherub, then take a look at our wonderful recommended photographers by clicking the link below.

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