Rise in Divorces Blamed on Economic Slump
9th December 2011
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Our national divorce rate has surged, after continuing to fall for the past 6 years, the Office for National Statistics has blamed the global economic slump...

Responding to these results, John Loughton, Head of Public Policy at Relate, said:

"It's no surprise that the divorce rate is rising given the pressures that couples and families are under. In fact we are seeing more people than ever coming to Relate because of money worries.


"Combine rising unemployment and rising inflation, and you create a pressure cooker for relationships. But given that 60% of separated couples would have liked to save their relationships, we need the Government to do more to ensure that everyone has access to relationship support at a much earlier stage, especially those on low incomes."


"We know that couples wait over two years before coming to Relate, today's statistics are a stark reminder of the cost of ignoring relationship difficulties. We'd urge all couples to seek help as soon as they start having problems."


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