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28th June 2011
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Since taking on Thebestof Chesterfield I have attended a selection of networking events.  Being very new to the networking community within Chesterfield I was very nervous about attending, though I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming, all of the groups have been.  I can honestly say, everyone of the Networking Events I have attended and listed below, I would feel happy in recommending them.  However depending on the type of people and businesses you wish to meet and the way you like doing business, some have different things to offer. 

What I will say is do not expect Networking to be a quick win, don’t go to sell and never walk into a room and walk out at the end, disappointed that you have not been passed any work or a referral on a plate.  Networking is all about relationship building, overtime you will get to KNOW and (hopefully) LIKE the people in your groups.  You will begin to understand each other’s businesses and what they are looking for and how you can help them and over time you will then build the TRUST, that allows for you to recommend and work together to enhance and grow your businesses.

Anyone still thinking about trying or being nervous about networking for the first time, I have four words, give it a try!!  The friendliness and willingness of most people who try their very best to help you, has quite simply astounded me.  To give you a helping hand, I have listed the networking groups which I have attended in Chesterfield (and beyond) and provided the contact details for you to find out more or book on directly.


Brighter Networking
A monthly evening (6pm) networking group which meets the last Thursday of every month (apart from this one!) at Twin Oaks Hotel (just off Junction 29 of the M1).  This is a pay as you go format, just £10 (with no yearly joining fees).  The next meeting is Thursday 28th July.  The location attracts visitors from across Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.  This was the first event I attended with thebestof Chesterfield and is such a great friendly group.  It is also the only evening meeting I have attended which I think adds to the lovely relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone has 60 seconds to inform everyone around the table what they do, then 1 person will do a 5 minute presentation on their business and 1 person will be questioned in more detail about what they do, kind of like a 20-1.  Another great thing about this group are the hosts Claire and Cas, 2 of the most dedicated and helpful business people, I have had the pleasure to come across!

Claire Curzon - (Twitter: @brighteridea)

Matlock Links
A fortnightly breakfast (6.45am) networking group at the New Bath Hotel, Matlock Bath.  Visitors come from Matlock, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.  Everyone again has 60 seconds to inform everyone what they do and then you pick one other person to have a more in depth 1-2-1 and then one member will do a 10 minute presentation.  You can pay to become a member which would then LOCKOUT your competitors from your sector, with only one business category it means you will never be competing for referrals but means you have to get in quick!  If you do join you enjoy a discounted rate over 6 months, or you can choose to pay as you go at £15.  Very friendly group with great full English breakfast!

Kris Haynes (Twitter: @KrisHaynes)


This is a fortnightly breakfast (8am) group meeting at The Lockkeeper, Chesterfield.  You can visit up to 3 times at £10 per visit along with a buffet style breakfast!!  Again not highly formal although there is a structure to the meeting which allows you to really get to know people and make valuable contacts.  Everyone has 40 seconds to tell everyone what they do and then three 1-2-1 meetings so you can find out in more detail what they do.  After your visits you can then choose to join via a number of schemes which would then allow you to visit any 4Networking meeting, locally or nationally.

Tony Keys– (Twitter: @tonydataman)


DNCC (Chamber of Commerce) 
The networking events ran by the Chamber of Commerce are numerous and varied.  They do a standard breakfast meeting, Network and Nosh, Table Shuffle and Speed Networking, to name but a few.  Times do vary but are mostly morning sessions.  Prices range from FREE when a member to approximately £25. If you become a Chamber of Commerce member, which carries a yearly cost, then the entry fees' are reduced.  Members receive email notification and newsletters of forthcoming events.  For more information on the different types of events please visit

Tom Munro - / 01246 233228

The Firm
A Chesterfield meeting is held at 7am, Nonna’s, Chatsworth Road. The next meeting is Friday 15th July, and then held every 4th Friday.  A Renishaw meeting is held at 7am, The Sitwell Arms Hotel, Renishaw.  The next meeting is Friday 1st July and again then every 4th Friday. Very nice and friendly, well-attended groups, I can honestly say I have never laughed as much before 9am before.  Other meetings are held at venues across Sheffield, Dinnington, Rotherham and Derby, with other towns and cities being added all the time. There is even an American Firm in the pipeline!  Entry to all meetings is just £10.00,  with breakfast and refreshments included, and there is no membership fee to pay - just book on and turn up!

Chesterfield – Mick - 07500 015257 (Twitter: @THE_Knifeman)
Renishaw – Jason Jesson – 07971 422009 (Twitter: @Laundry_point)
For details of any of the other meetings please contact - Alan Fenn - 07969 757206 (Twitter: @compass_distrib).


As always I would love others feedback and opinions on different networking groups E mail me at

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