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6th April 2012
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Think of Chesterfield, the Crooked Spire and the Market spring to mind, but how many realise the famous 80's group the Thompson Twins (Hold Me Now, Doctor Doctor etc etc) originated from our great town. Add to that Mark Shaw (Then Jericos lead singer), Mark Webber (Pulps guitarist), and I think it could be said that some classic stand out tracks, came from our market town.


New bands pop up almost daily/weekly, some make it (through a lucky break) some fall by the wayside, to me that's a as new bands ie The Shintys, Take the Seven step out on the road to popularity let us support them on their journey.


The point I am trying to say here is that no matter what genre, style, age, all bands need a help/push in the right direction. My belief is and always will be, that no matter who the artist/group/band are, 90% will have wrote a song you know or indeed like. Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins, The motive by Then Jerico, Disco 2000 by Pulp could all have fallen on deaf ears if not for a lucky break at the right time.


I do my fair share of concerts from Wembley to Delamere Forest, from the Motorpoint Arena to The Donut, and believe me look/listen out for these bands (ok not from Chesterfield), The Rainband (wheels in motion to get these performing at The Donut), The Parlotones (South African rock band, who have been supporting bands for 5 years now), these guys need that one break to worldwide stardom.


On the local music, if any bands out there want or need a honest opinion on their style / genre, let me know and I will listen and opinionate accordingly.

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music is my madness, any music/genre i'll give it a listen and an opinion, any new band that wants their music listened too, i'll listen to and give you my honest opinion.

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