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4th April 2012
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Friday 9th March at the Donut Arts Centre Chesterfield only left a few question's unanswered for me personally, a small but adequate venue didn't know what it had let itself in for...........


The first question: How or why Section 60 have not got a recording contract, is well and truly beyond me, songs like 'Elysium' and 'Is this our Day in the Sunshine' left me........ well, simply spellbound. X Factor if you found talent like this you certainly would be a ratings winner, where exactly is Simon Cowell when the real talent is on show?


Secondly the same question could be asked of The Whispering Dolls. Boy, their lead singer owned the stage in such a way he reminded me of early Freddie Mercury, again a support act that should be getting supported themselves. Top marks guys!


Finally the 3rd question is solely aimed at The Twang. Y.O.Y (1 of their b-sides, just couldn't resist using it, sorry) diss the venue, calling it a 'scout hut' indeed was one derogatory comment, not warranted or heeded by your fans who were there paying homage.


Over all from myself - 9 out of 10. I only took 1 off because of the poor bar facilities, let's improve them and put the Donut and local bands on the map!


One laughter issue from the evening that springs to mind..... I was near the back of the crowd and I kept seeing what I would best describe as.....?!? Walking around with a deer stalker hat on (yes inside I might add) shortly after seeing said person for the umpteenth time, I turned to my friend and said 'and he thinks he is cool does he?' Low and behold it turns out he was The Twangs lead singer!!! Ahh well you can't be right about everything.

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