Join the e-Petition for NO MORE CUTS to the Winter Maintenance Budget
8th September 2011
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Following the extremely bad weather over the last two winters and the inability of Derbyshire County Council to keep key roads open into many villages and communities in Derbyshire we call on the County Council not to make any reductions in its winter maintenance programme.


These cuts include the proposed downgrading of 40% of the precautionary gritting routes; reduction in the number of road gritters and a reduction in the number of skilled gritter drivers. 


The failure of the County Council to keep roads open to allow vital services and supplies to be maintained to our villages and communities caused a great deal of distress and anxiety in December 2010. The winter maintenance budget has already been cut by £1m yet Derbyshire businesses estimated losses of £4.8m each day. This must not be allowed to happen again. There must be no cuts to the Winter Maintainence budget in Derbyshire.


We really do not want to see scenes like the one below on our countys' roads again this Winter.  Please take two minutes of your time today to sign the e-petition here, to stop the proposed cuts.   You have until Friday 21st October to make your voice count.

[Source:  Derbyshire County Council]

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