Have you completed the Census 2011?
4th April 2011
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Sunday 27th March has been and gone but there is still time to fill in your Census for 2011, if you have not already done so.


You actually have a legal obligation to complete the 2011 Census and if you don't you could face a fine of £1000!


It is really important that you do fill in the Census as it allows the everyday services we all need to be planned and delivered.  The Government and local authorities to name but a few, need to know and understand the make-up of the population so that services like education, healthcare, housing and transport, can be planned to reflect the needs of each local community.


All you have to do is simply fill out the questionnaire and return in the pre-paid envelope.  You can also complete the form online at www.2011.census.gov.uk using the code on the front of your from.


Make sure you count and do this today!

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