Don'€™t let the vegetables boil over... or the kids!
22nd December 2011
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Christmas is such an exciting time for children that it can be hard for them not to get over excited with everything going on. Try to keep a lid on them by being sensitive to their behaviour and setting clear boundaries.

Other ideas:

Make a game of clearing up the paper wrapping and when it’s done, you can move on to the next activity.

Or, make calm time by agreeing to read the Children their new books or watch TV together. Have some idea of a plan for the day and if you say you are going to do something, be sure to do it. Extend the bed times a little - after all it is a special time.

Try not to get cross at over-excited children because there’s a huge amount going on for them to take in at Christmas time. Instead, try to channel their excitement into controlled activities like decoration making or colouring in.  

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Some other useful ideas for Christmas:

Prioritise your relationship
Christmas can be demanding and couples can often feel pulled apart like a Christmas cracker, with families making demands that can 'snap' the couple with a bang. Minimise the strain by planning ahead and even saying “No”. There are 365 days in a year, don't feel obliged to fit everyone else in over the Christmas period at the expense of your relationship. If you have Skype, why not use that to 'see' friends and family.


Make sure everyone’s voice is heard
Jealousy, rejection and not being treated the same - all awful feelings that can affect step family and family members at Christmas. Equality, compromise and negotiation are much better! Start with making room for everyone's voice to be heard, throw in some give and take, mix with some wisdom and you'll have created a gift that will last all the way through to next Christmas and beyond... what a great free present!

[Source: Courtesy of Relate Chesterfield]

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