Coping with a baby's first Christmas
16th December 2011
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It can be difficult enough to keep a baby's routine stable, but when you add in the mayhem of a family Christmas it's often even trickier!


Especially when everyone expects a cuddle with a baby and feeding or nap times can be interrupted. The most important thing as parents is to be comfortable with what happens on Christmas Day and to take control of the situation. Don't feel pressure from in-laws or other family members to pass your baby around for cuddles or change their feeding / sleeping routine to suit the day's timings.


But be sure to make the most of your babies nap time to enjoy Christmas Day.
People should understand if you need to disappear for a while. It may take sensitive explanation ' and even advance warning to people that you'd rather not have your baby being passed around ' but hopefully others will understand that you have your baby's best interests at heart.    


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