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4th August 2011
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There are many breweries in the Derbyshire area, till last week playing a quiz regarding some beery facts I didn’t realise quite how many. 32 official breweries making beers for the local area but also as far out as America. Some of these breweries include Thornbridge brewery in Bakewell, Brampton brewery in Chesterfield on Chatsworth road, Barlow brewery in yes that’s right Barlow.


What many people don’t realise about these places is that they often also act as visitor centres to enable people to come by and view the whole process of how their beers are made from the adding of the hops to the hot liquor (water), to putting the labels on the finished bottles. Recently I was fortunate enough to visit the Thornbridge brewery for a tour along with one of the brewers talking us through the process, the history of the brewery itself and its headliner beer Jaipur which is named after an area in India.


This last part makes more sense when a little more background is searched about this beer and the style it is which I'll go onto on later posts. Back to the subject at hand though, it seems you can't step too far in Derbyshire without running into a brewery or brewer so try going along and learning a bit about what you’re drinking tonight, if local beer is your choice of drink.


Oh! And of course brewery tours wouldn’t be the same without a few beers before and after, which just about all, open breweries will provide at very reasonable prices. Cheers.


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