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My son Harrison was always a difficult child and has behavioural issues & struggled to focus & concentrate. As he got older he got harder to handle and i thought Martial Arts would be just the thing for him. With the sensais strict routines and demands of respect and the academys codes of conduct Ju-Jitsu/Kobudo have straightened my boy out. Mike & Kathy are amazing with the kids and they make everything enjoyable & fun for them. Harrison has challenged Mike with his behaviour on several occasions and Mike has been brilliant at putting him back on track and taking time out for him. Nothing is ever too much bother for either Mike or Kathy. As a result after 18 months at MBSMAA Harrison is a different boy and its now reflecting in his brilliant school reports too. Thanku Mike & Kathy so much.
As a martial arts student for the last 30 plus years, and more importantly a parent of a junior student, it is without doubt the best decision we made in enrolling our son with Sensei Mike Holden and Kathy Kirby at Mind Body and Spirit dojo, Brimington, Chesterfield From day one, as a excited, but quiet four year old, my son has gained confidence, fitness, discipline and learnt real-life and relevant life skills - firework and fire safety, stranger awareness, dangers of drugs etc. I can not recommend Mind Body and Spirit high enough, and have personally recommended several friends' children, some who have become, and continue to be, members of the academy. Mike has a uncannily empathic knack of teaching the students with a great sense of humour. Its is testament to Mike that my son, Ben always comes out of class with a smile on his face and a new joke to tell. Well done Mike and Kathy, and please keep it up.
Both our children have studied at MBSMAA since not long after the academy opened and both have found huge benefits in entirely different ways. Our daughter is very quiet and reserved but has felt able to come out of herself and is now a cadet black belt and enjoying training younger students, as well as having the confidence to put herself forward as an anti-bullying ambassador at school. Our younger son is the opposite and had some behavioural and concentration issues at school. He has studied at MBSMAA for the same period and has learnt self control and self discipline. He is now settled at school, doing very well and is one belt from a cadet black belt and training for national competitions. We think very highly of the staff and Senseis at the academy for their support and discipline, both providing excellent balance in their training which they can take forward.
Your academy has made a HUGE difference to my little boy. My Warrior has been attending MBS for over a year and loves every minute ! My son is adopted and came to me at the age of 4 after a very difficult start in life. You have both made a huge impression on him and he enjoys his lessons and working with other Warriors. His confidence has really improved, as has his coordination and listening skills .He proudly displays all the badges he has earned and loves the stickers in his sticker book every week. We love the graduation ceremonies and watching how well the Warriors have progressed. On a personal level, I would say that the skills he is taught by Sensei at MBS have transferred well into all aspects of his life, especially focus and determination to achieve his best at all times, especially at school.
From the age of four my son has attended the Mind, Body, Spirit academy - and goes along to about four lessons a week. It's a really great way to keep fit and healthy; it's a fantastic way to make friends; and importantly teaches youngsters the values of respect, achievement and discipline. Six years on he is still as interested in Jujitsu and I have no doubt that if he sticks with it, it will continue to give him a focus through his teenage years and into adulthood.
I had no idea if my son would enjoy Jiu-Jitsu when he started just before he turned 5 years old but he loves it. They cover a number of areas during the hour which means that it’s fast moving and keeps it interesting and fun. He benefits from a variety of activities covering movement, discipline, respect, language, team work and games – and probably many more which I don’t hear about! I’m really pleased that he gave it a go and his enthusiasm remains high.
My son Lucas has problems with concentration and hyperactivity and through his time at Mind Body and Spirit he has improved a great deal. Lucas thoroughly enjoys martial arts and Mike and Kathy have been a massive part of Lucas's life regards to consistency and the discipline Martial arts provides. The structure and discipline has allowed him to enjoy the physical contact he like's like any other boys do in a controlled and safe way. Lucas school work has shown a marked improvement too. I certainly would recommend Mind Body and Spirit its a great place for kids to learn.
My sons have been going to MBSMAA for 5 years now , and sending them there is the best thing I have ever done , as well as staying fit and active they are learning about the benefits of hardwork and respect by completing their gradings and attending classes on a regular basis. Mike is a great mentor , the kids love him and he encourages them in everything they do , taking an interest in their achievements outside of jiu-jitsu aswell. Mike and Kathy both work very hard and obviously love their work , they have special evenings for the kids aswell such as fancy dress nights, halloween parties and the annual awards ceremony and disco which the kids absolutely loved this year. If you want your children to learn martial arts in a safe , family environment then MBSMAA is the place to go.
Both my Son's enjoy ju-jitsu as there is a the fun element involved as well as a way of learning a new skill. They enjoy training with Mind Body Spirit Academy as they love the staff and fellow members, and really get to show their skills, and get rewarded for, but also they instill a great sense of discipline.
Our daughter attends Mind, Body and Spirit and has done for a few years. It has given her confidence to find alternate ways of dealing with different situations she may be confronted with, particularly when it came to standing up to bullies, when they were picking on the younger kids in the playground at school. She also loves attending as when asked she finds it 'fun' and a good form of exercise.
Jack started at MBSMAA a few years ago to try and build his confidence at school. Since then his confidence and discipline has continually increased. He has met many new friends and learnt many new skills and always has a new grade to aim for. He thoroughly enjoys Ju Jitsu especially now having Kubodo to take part in.
Cameron has been at the academy since he was 5 years old, he will be heading into his teenager years this year and we are confident that his enthusiasm will continue. Cameron has achieved his Junior Black Belt status through MBS and has now joined KuBudo too. Not only does Cameron love every minute of his JuJitsu lessons, but they have definitely contributed to his confidence, communication, dedication, discipline and sociability skills. He absolutely loves going to classes, meeting up with his friends and thinks Sensei Mike is JUST THE BEST. He has the upmost respect for all his Sensei and will often make reference to things he learns in class with respect to not only his peers but to everyone. After holidays abroad JuJitsu and Kubudo are the first things he looks forward to getting back to. Many thanks to you Mike, Kathy and all the other Sensei for everything you contribute. You are a credit to Chesterfield and to the Academy, the kids are extremely lucky to have a DoJo like Mind Body Spirit in Chesterfield that they can attend and I certainly hope that you have a long a happy presence for our kids to be a part of.
Hugh is aged 7. He has been a Warrior for one and half years now. We have seen significant improvements in his confidence, ability to focus and absorb information. His weekly sessions have also given him independence and improved coordination. The developments we have seen, have been attributed to a well rounded teaching Philosophy and we would recommend this academy to any parent.
My Sons (6 & 7yrs) have been members since September 2012. Since their first lesson I have had no doubt as to how much the Jujitsu instruction instils in them. Of course, there are the skill, sport, strength and control aspects but also important fundamentals that will last with them their whole lives in terms of discipline, respect for others and themselves, meeting new friends, being part of an extended community and not forgetting, having good fun along the way. Both Mike and Kathy excel in their delivery and approach to a good school.
Isaac has been a member for 4 years since the age of 3 and really gets a lot from the academy. ..not only has his strength and fitness improved but his appreciation of the discipline and attention needed in training to continually improve. He loves the badge scheme which keeps him motivated and focused. I can see him being a member for many more year's to come .
Mike and Kathy from Mind, Body, Spirit recently joined us as part of our Sport’s Activity Day. They kindly presented taster sessions for each of 3 year groups. The sessions lasted ½ an hour and were for 60 children in front of staff and parents. Mike kept the children captivated. They were fully engaged and loved participating. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Some of our children already know Mike and Kathy as they already attend and parents and children were all very complimentary. This was the second time Mike and Kathy from Mind, Body and Spirit have worked with our school and I am very grateful to count them as “friends” of the school.
My son has been going to the academy for just over a year now and he loves it. He is nearly 5 years old and from his point of view he's having fun, meeting new friends, and playing. But it's so much more than that, Mike and Kathy teach through play for the younger ones. They are always rewarded for there hard work, which the children burst with pride when given there stripes, badges, stickers, certificates. They teach discipline, new techniques, new skills and even a new language. They both work so hard in everything they do. I would defentley highly recommend to everyone this academy from as young as 4 years to adult, from no skills in the art all the way through. Thank you both for everything you've done for my son.
As parents of two children that have been going to Warriors and Tiger Cubs at MBSMAA for over a year with Mike and Kathy, we can truly recommend the academy. Initially we just thought it would be a bit of fun for the children and it certainly is, but it is also a lot, lot more. The life skills taught in Warriors are a valuable part of the sessions, everything from stranger awareness to fire danger and survival skills. The actual Jiu Jitsu skills are taught in a professional and responsible manner, the children being taught respect for others and responsible use of the art. There is a genuine investment in developing students long term and it is nice to see some older students teaching the younger children alongside Mike. An added bonus has to be that the academy are able to support children with additional needs, particularly autism and ADHD from our experience. This is not just a token 'we will see if the child fits in,' but a genuine interest and ability to recognise each child's needs / learning style and adapting to enable achievement. Thank you Mike and Kathy for your continued hard work and what appears to be effortless enthusiasm. It is appreciated.
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