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Have you got time to spare? Share your time and skills with others, get help with odd jobs or lend a hand, help to rebuild a sense of community in your area!

Welcome to Chesterfield Time Bank charitable organisation. A bank with a difference!


Chesterfield Time Bank

Chesterfield Time Bank was launched in April 2001 and strives to build community spirit and neighbourliness in Chesterfield. It is based in the Parish Centre on Sheffield Road. Time Bank in Chesterfield currently has around 100 active members and organisations or community groups on the books, spread right across Chesterfield. There are just two employees; Barbara Lang is the Project Manager who will be encouraging people and community groups to take part in the Time Bank and finding ways to help the project grow. Julie Dixon is the team's Development Worker for the Health & Well Being Project.

How do Time Banks work?

The idea is very simple...participants 'deposit' their time in the bank by giving practical help and support to other members and then are able to 'withdraw' time when they need something done themselves. Everybody's time is worth the same and for every hour an individual gives helping someone else, they are entitled to one hour's credit in return. All this activity is recorded by Julie the Time Broker. Julie matches up the right job to the right person and also issues Time Bank statements so that members can keep a record of how many hours they have given and received.

Members of this admirable charitable organisation have an enormous range of skills and services to offer. Gardening often comes out top of the list for requests for help, so any 'green fingered' enthusiasts wishing to join would be kept suitably busy. In the last year over 2187 hours have been traded between 73 Time Bank members. Members have helped out in many ways including; simple DIY tasks, catering, companionship, computer training & repair, cycle repair, decorating, guitar & piano lessons, ironing, leaflet distribution, massage, pet care, plant watering, transportation to name but a few.

Why is a Time Bank so unusual?

As a charitable organisation, it's unusual, it's different and it's specifically for local communities in the Chesterfield area. Unusual because it has nothing to do with money - and different because it just 'banks' time.

Time Banks originated in America in the mid 1980's as a way to bring communities together and bring back a sense of 'neighbourliness'. Currently in the UK there are well over 100 Time Banks, each using time as a medium of exchange to link people together. Time banks can help fill the gaps that were traditionally filled by extended family and neighbours. "Time Banks can turn strangers in to friends and neighbours into extended families"

Health and Well Being Project

For the last 2 years, Chesterfield Timebank has been working with The Royal British Legion, to encourage local Service and Ex-Service personnel to get involved in their communities. The two groups have now established a Health and Well Being Project for the Armed Forces' Serving and Ex-Personnel and their dependants. Research by the RBL reveals that as many as one-in-six people may be entitled to assistance from this new enterprise. The project offers many diverse activities: from cycling and horticulture to Pilates and even activities using a Nintendo Wii! Information and advice services will include the Poppy Support Welfare Programme and Signposting as well as many varied social activities. There's also an Adult Learning Service which is enabling people to discover the world of computers and also to assistance with literacy and numeracy skills.

Who is eligible?

For this program, you must have served in the Forces for at least seven days and have been paid and/or be the dependant of someone who has served or is serving. This includes;

  • widows
  • widowers
  • co-habiting partners or civil partners

You do not have to be a Royal British Legion member to be a beneficiary. You just need to have served your country.

Time Bank Ethos

Time Banks developed as a way to try and bring back a sense of community, which many people feel that we are losing in this day and age. In its simplest terms it revolves around the idea that by helping each other with little odd jobs. In turn, we get to meet new people and create new friendships.

One of the joys of Time Banking is having a helping hand to get a job done that you would normally not do on your own, such as van driving or ironing. We all seem to enjoy doing these jobs much more when there is someone there to help us and to have a chat with. However, please be aware that:

  • Our members are often not skilled in a particular trade so think carefully about the sort of jobs you are asking for help with. 
  • Where possible it is much nicer for other members to come and give you a helping hand with your jobs rather than be expected to complete the task all by themselves - where's the fun in that and remember "Many hands make light work"
  • Be realistic about how quickly your jobs will get done, particularly as we are short on decorators and gardeners and those are the types of jobs requested more than others. Please give us as much notice as possible.
  • With regard to Health and Safety, any work too complicated should really be carried out by a skilled tradesman.

To request a request an application form just click on the link to the right, which will take you to the official Chesterfield Time Bank website...

Please give Chesterfield Time Bank charitable organisation some thought and call the team if you require further information.

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