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Pleasant, good rapport and helpful. Shop excellent, clean goods, smells sweet, clothing clean with no odours.
Very clean and well set out. The staff are very friendly.
Ashgate Hospice (Shirebrook) Friendly staff and clean shop
Good, Brilliant, Staff are polite, tidy and clean shop.
Friendly - well set out and going to a good cause.
Very good shop and the staff are friendly.
The Ashgate Hospice charity is a very well ran charity and provides the very best service that they can. It is a pleasure to come into work and know that I am helping support the cause. Well done to everyone!!
Ashgate Hospice provides care, medication and nursing that is second to none! The calmness and dignity they somehow magically instil into the saddest days of your life, leave people with the ability to cope and able to find inner strength and peace. I will never be able to thank them enough. THE ASHGATE ANGELS ARE PRICELESS AND I LOVE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! Grateful for everything, always xxx
I Love Ashgate because it works tirelessly in the community, every one at some time or other as, or, will have contact with them. Will feel their LOVE, will feel their kindness, will feel their compassion. No hurry here, you are you, and you matter, you feel you are "the one and only"......and Long Long may in continue. Keep up the good work for everybody.
Truly amazing place - my nanna passed away at Ashgate Hospice and the staff were so wonderful, kind and supportive. I cannot say how much their love and care meant to me and my family.
"Thank you" just isn't enough to express out heartfelt gratitude. You enveloped us all in an unbelievable force field of love and caring. Thank you for sharing your love x
I worked at the hospice for over 20 years and have some wonderful friends there.Both my parents died in the hospice during this time so I was able to experience"the other side of the fence" and I was not disappointed,they both received excellent care and I and my family received excellent support.Thank you Ahgate Hospice and all your wonderful staff at all levels including our wonderful volunteers. Cynthia
By far the best charity organisation in Chesterfield and N. Derbyshire, I bought some Christmas Presents from the charity shop in December. Lovely staff and a couple of bargains!
Staff very friendly, good atmosphere, low prices, well worth a look. Shop laid out well.
Shirebrook Ashgate Shop: Staff helpful. Shop alway's tidy and clean.
Clean & orderly, helpful staff, don't mind buying from this shop
Shirebrook Ashgate is a lovely clean shop. Staff very friendly
Good rotation of stock, friendly staff, good cause. I always come in to grab a great bargain.
I love this business because the staff are so lovely to talk to :)
A great shop, situated locally. The shop has items to suit all budgets. As well as vintage + collectible items. It is clean, tidy and well stocked. The staff + volunteers are helpful + friendly.
There is always a warm welcome from the staff, the shop is above clean + tidy, prices seem fine, what more can you ask for?
Friendly staff, clean shop and different stock all the time.
The shop has a lot of different things that interest young and old
Visiting the Shirebrook shop, the staff were very friendly and helpful
Friendly staff, Lovely shop, Great charity.
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