What Role Does a Trainer Play in Preparing a Racehorse for Competitions?
13th December 2017
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What you do not know is that their horse trainer plays a significant and vital role when it comes to rearing them for winning professional tournaments. The racehorse is a human being, but it does not have speech. It is reactive to the care, love, and guidance you give it. Horse trainers that look after these racehorses have to be passionate about their work. Their job is not only to take care of the horse and prepare it for the upcoming race. The whole life of the racehorse depends upon the trainer and so if you wish to become one, ensure that you love horses!

Racehorses and their lives

When you go to stadiums or maybe a racehorse tour, you will find these majestic horses all looking grand and elegant. However, these horses are groomed with lots of love and care ever since they are born. They know that the racetrack is their destiny and so they are not reared like other domestic horses. They have a specific diet that their trainers supervise. They also suffer from inflammation of joints and legs like humans. Their trainers need to understand where the pain is so that they can be given either ice or heat therapy for easing the pain. Horses can also suffer injuries when they are on track. The horse trainer needs to check the condition of the horse before the race and after the race. Even if a small injury goes unnoticed, the horse will suffer a lot.

Care and love for racehorses

Professional tournaments like Breeders Cup and the like have the best horses participating in the race. This is why it is essential for the horse trainer to supervise the horse even when it is resting between the races. It needs the right amount of physical exercise and food. The horse trainer must ensure that the horse is not dehydrated before the race.

Remember some racehorses have exceptional abilities, and they perform well when under stress. It is essential for horse trainers to communicate well with their horses. They do have the ability to understand their human caretakers and respond. When it comes to their general health, they need regular vaccinations and veterinarian check-ups to ensure that they are fine and are at the peak of health.

The next time you go to a stadium and see these racehorses in action, thank the horse trainer behind them. These horses are responsive to their trainers, and they always perform well thanks to them. Caring for the horse starts with a conception as no two racehorses are the same. Now, the question is what happens when these racehorses pass their prime- the answer is that true race horsing lovers never abandon them. They are still taken care of till their last days by their faithful caretakers.

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