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Hometown: Carmarthenshire
Hi my name is Angela Lewis; I have done many jobs in my life time, the most recent working for The Best of Carmarthenshire in Sales. I decided in the last few months, due to the final departure of my last son living at home that I wanted to do some travelling. In order to fund my travelling I am doing more writing which I love, so I will be writing blogs for others while also writing my own blog at

I have been writing a health column for the Llanelli Star for the last three years and luckily have discovered I love writing and want to do more, I have written previous blogs in order to practice my writing and I believe I will continue to learn as I travel. I have done a lot of interesting things in Carmarthenshire which is where I am from and have lived for most of my life, it is a beautiful county with so much to offer and we need to showcase more of what we have here. So I have agreed to write blog posts for The Best of Carmarthenshire and it is something I can continue to do as my travels take me to even the furthest flung countries of the world.

Even though I am travelling to some wonderful places in the world I will be coming back to Carmarthenshire regularly because all my family still live here and my exploration of the area will continue. I hope you enjoy my take on the places I have visited in Carmarthenshire.