Will it be bust or boom for your business in 2012?
6th November 2011
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Do you know where your business is  going in 2012? 

Do you know where your business is heading?

Will it be bust or boom in 2012?

Take a moment to read this timely article from pragmatic Business Growth Advisor Chris Olchawski

This time next year Rodney………
……………… we’ll be millionaires!

Del Trotter may have been an arch optimist but he was not well known for his forward thinking – (I am thinking chandeliers and open bar flaps!)

For a couple of years I have been writing a blog around July saying something like 3 weeks to Christmas, not with the intention of winning a prize for the first Christmas card sent but to make the point that July was the time to start getting ready for the surge that most businesses have between September and the festive season,  because the summer holiday season means it is hard to get stuff done during August.

I mention this because the November local Entrepreneurs Circle meetings are about planning for 2012 and whilst it may seem a little premature with the turkey and Christmas pud yet to come, in reality the New Year will be with us very quickly.

Running our small businesses we could easily say ‘I know what I need to do’ and not bother to plan any more than that, but as with so many other things we find it hard to take a step back from the daily grind  once we get sucked in.

I once was given the statistic that we are eleven times more likely to keep our new year’s resolutions if we write them down. Planning for next year will be the same if we declare what we are going to do and share it. Then for most of us it will  mean we are more likely to find the time to get it done.

For the rest we can all meet on Someday Isle… Someday I’ll get around to it..

So don't join the Someday Isle - Why not come along to an Entrepreneurs Circle meeting this November. The first is this Wednesday 9th at the Falcon Hotel in Lammas St.  Carmarthen.  For more info give me a call on 01550 739 016



PS Have a good Christmas, there is bound to be an 'Only Fools & Horses' repeat

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