Why are so many of us reluctant to make a Will?
5th August 2011
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Why do we put off making our Will?  Is it because it reminds us of our mortality? or is it because we are unsure of who to ask, what to ask and who we can trust?

We might not think we have anything to leave as yet but life can take over and before we know it we are in a relationship and have joint ownership of property, “stuff” and other responsibilities such as children or maybe we are in business.   All of this has a bearing on what happens to our possessions when we die. 

A Will does not benefit you – apart from peace of mind – it benefits your loved ones or possibly business partners.

Making a Will gives peace of mind, it lets you rest easy that your worldly goods will be passed on to those you care about, leaving them secure and at that difficult time, your affairs and estate can be dealt with as smoothly as possible minimising any further distress. It can also help with business partnerships should one of the partners die.

There are many facets of Will Making to be considered even when from first glance your bequests seem relatively simple.  There is of course the thorny matter of ensuring you are dealing with a reputable Will Writing Firm! 

How can you be sure and have confidence in your Will Writer?

There have been some horror stories as discussed recently on BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show.
So what questions should you be asking of a Will Writer?

•What qualifications should a Will Writer have?
•Does the Will Writer have Professional indemnity Insurance
•Are they full members of a professional body such as the IPW (Institute of Professional Will Writers) which incidentally is advocated by the Citizens Advice Bureau and regulated by the Office of Fair Trading.
•Do they subscribe to a Code of Practice which includes a complaints procedure
•Will they do out of hours visits and indeed home visits?

APS Legal & Associates, Professional Will Writers and Specialist Estate Planners, fulfil each of the above questions

Chris Ridgway APS Legal & Associates, West Wales’ Legal Consultant, is trained and qualified in Willwriting and is available to individuals, couples and business owners who require their estate and final wishes to be documented sensitively and professionally, whilst also ensuring that when the Will is required, it performs as it should and there will be no unpleasant surprises for their loved ones and large legal fees for others who have to sort the situation out!

Businesses Owners would you be interested in offering your employees Will Writing Services? 

This could be achieved by a question and answer and general advice on the benefits and what to look out for? If you are a business Chris is offering a Free Consultation to both business owners and to their employees. Chris  can offer a free consultation to individuals or would gladly come in and take questions from a group.  There is no cost to the company and show the company cares for its employees.

Whether you are a business looking to give added value to your staff or a couple or individual looking to make a Will - why not give Chris a call now on 01554 719096 and set up a date.

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