What's important to your Clients ?
9th November 2009
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I spent the day with the world famous dentist Paddi Lund in Birmingham week before last and something that he said has had a profound effect on the way I look at Customer Service so I thought that I would share it with you.

Paddi is a Dentist who has redefined the Customer Experience. Paddi does not accept new patients unless they have been referred by an existing patient. He has a lounge rather than a waiting room as he wants people to “relax” rather than “wait”. The Surgery smells of coffee and freshly baked muffins that he is cooking in the lounge.

The consultancy rooms have your name on the door not his, he serves tea is Royal Dalton china and offers free fruit to eat prior to treatment. During the treatment you can watch videos on the screen attached to the ceiling and he gives you a button to alert him if your are feeling uncomfortable during the treatment.

Paddis clients wax lyrical about the experience so going to him, interestingly they very rarely talk about his skills as a dentist. Why is this, well his patients are only interested in getting rid of the pain or protecting their teeth, they can get that at any dentist.

So here is a question, if an Electrician came to your house, on time, explained what they were going to do, quickly and efficiently did their work, clean up after themselves and presented you with a bill exactly what they had quoted, then would you consider them to be a good enough electrician to recommend to your friends ? I would.

Well here is the interesting point, I was unable to determine how good the wiring or the repair actually was, I am not qualified to make the judgement If he had done a professional job but had not turned up on time, left a mess and charged me more than expected I would not be happy to recommend him.

So how is your Customer Experience making your Customers feel ? 

I am a Business Coach I have worked in lots of business types improving Customer experience to ensure that Customers and their Friends keep comng back for more. So if you feel you could be doing better but do not know how then give me a call on 01792 580462.

Good luck go WOW some Customers.

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