What is Hardwearing, Heat resistant? keeps its colour and will last for years? And sits well in the heart of the home
28th December 2011
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Looking for durable, heat resistant and unique worktops for your kitchen or indeed your bathroom?

I have always loved Granite worktops and have spent years finding out about the advantages of Granite surfaces as opposed to formica and other artificial worktops when really all I needed to do was to pop down to GW of St Clears - after all they do know about Granite!

Granite is a natural rock and is subject to colour and texture variation - this is what makes them unique!

Granite is an igneous rock formed from cooling magma. Granite is quarried throughout the world, with colours and patterns that indicate the region and the geological conditions that created it. Each granite slab is unique, with random and inconsistent patterns providing such a beautiful and classic appearance.
Granite is...

  •     Tough - one of the hardest materials known and far harder than marble
  •     Has a glassy finish when polished which is very durable and will last for many years
  •     Waterproof
  •     Highly scratch resistant
  •     Heat resistant
  •     Keeps its colour
  •   Wipes clean easily

Making granite very attractive, practical and hygienic (it is easily sterilised) - an ideal choice for worktops, countertops and island kitchen settings.
Granite worktops is a specialist subject at GW of St Clears.  They are definitely the experts when it comes to granite. So why not visit their showroom and view the wonderful selection.  Speak to their advisors.  They will be pleased to visit your home, take measurements and provide a written quotation.  All worktops are cut and polished in house in their workshops.
Visit the showroom today or  call on 01994 279 036

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