What have you got in common with Richard Branson?!
7th July 2011
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Not the 200+ companies that sit in his Virgin group. Not the private Caribbean island. Not the penchant for dressing up.
What you've got in common is that you've got exactly the same number of hours in every day, and the same number of days in each week.
Branson's not become a billionaire because he's discovered a way of slowing the tick tock of his clock, he's done it because he's taught himself to get more stuff done than most other people do, in exactly the same amount of time.
Time is the one thing that money can't buy, and as a business owner, it's YOUR responsibility to make to make sure you squeeze the maximum out of every last second.
It's not easy (if it was, perhaps we'd all be billionaires), but there are some simple strategies that super-successful people use to make the most of their time.
Our very own serial entrepreneur Nigel Botterill is one of them, finding time in his week to manage 5 highly successful businesses and take Monty the dog for a walk most mornings. 
Come and join us on the 12th July (next Tuesday) where we will be sharing Nigel's time management secrets, and finding out what tricks and tools he uses to fit everything in.
You can book here; or call me on 01550 739 053
I look forward to seeing you at the event. By all means bring a friend or colleague

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