Two thoughts for today - A sale is a gift until paid for and Value for Money is not the same as Being Cheap
10th February 2010
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Chris Olchawski of Tutsan Associates would like to offer these two thoughts to other businesses.

Firstly a sale is a gift until it is paid for, and in these difficult trading conditions people are taking longer and longer to pay.
This is not necessarily unavoidable, in our experience it is the people who manage their debtors best who get paid soonest. Just sending statements or final demands will not cut it!
We have an associate who specialises in getting your money in! People often put off using outside help because they do not want to upset the client, but the longer non payment goes on the less likely it is that it will have a happy outcome!
Often it can cost just £15 to get paid!

Secondly in this climate people want value for money; this is not the same as being cheap!
Flexibility, customer service, responsiveness are all things that small business can excel in, whilst our larger counterparts are only able to cope with standard products!
Whether it is delivery days & quantities, product variation we really can help our clients. And this will leave us in a strong position as the economy improves- show your customer some love and he or she may remember that the next time Mr Faceless Corporation is wooing them!

Tutsan associates have a special offer for  TheBestOf members with 5 or more staff and there are special packages for sole traders and partnerships.

We are cost effective & practical with real business experience, if you are not sure give Chris a call on 01550 739 016

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