The Truth about Dust Mites
12th June 2011
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Do you or your family suffer from:
Sneezing, Itching and Watery Eyes?
Asthma, Wheezing, Chest Congestion?
Skin Rashes, Eczema?

One of the reasons could be down to dust mites!

By some estimates there can be 100,000 dust mites living in a square yard area of carpet in your home.  Females live for about 80 days and lay up to 100 eggs.  Dust mites feed on dead skin cells and flakes.  It is a protein found in the faeces and remains of dead mites that causes allergies.  Yuk!!

Every time someone walks over a carpet, mite dust is spread into the air and will take 2 hours to settle.  Babies and young children are especially at risk.

One solution could be to replace carpets with hardwood flooring as this will limit the build up of dust mites in your home enabling thorough cleaning and removal of mites.

We are fortunate at thebestof Carmarthenshire to have two specialists in Wood Flooring.

For a great choice of wood particularly oak flooring you could not do better than speak to Sarah at Alpha Oak near Crosshands where many shades and grains are displayed in an airy showroom.  To contact Alpha Oak call 01267 679 136

If you would like someone to call on you then Welsh Speaker Dylan Davies who has recently acquired Broad Oak Flooring to Cartrefir Cwm Group of Companies.  Dylan will happily bring samples to your home.  To contact Cartrefir Cwm call 01570 419 035

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