Solve bedding issues without losing living space
10th December 2011
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Christmas is coming; the time of year when families gather together for a frenzy of festivities and present giving.
But do you have enough room in your house for all your nearest and dearest?
Are you worried that little Johnny is now 6’ 4’’ and no longer able to fit on the junior camp bed?
Or the centre of the sofa bed in the box room has sagged into the bedroom carpet?  

Does this scenario sound familiar? 

Imagine you are the parents living in a 4 bedroom knocked through stone cottage and you have the family with their partners and children coming to stay for Christmas.  4 bedrooms are fine for Parents and 3 children but now you are going to have 3 children, their partners and their children!  You can imagine the sleeping arrangements are going to prove a little tricky to say the least….  Is this your situation?

Or is it that you have the room but one of the rooms has already been changed from a bedroom to a study with one wall devoted to book shelves? 

This is where the design and practical skills of AVK interiors come into action.  AVK are expert in solving storage problems and coming up with workable solutions and now they can solve cramped sleeping arrangements with their range of foldaway and hideaway bedding systems

So with the above example in mind AVK interiors would be able to solve the problem by creating a wall bed system that housed the book shelves;  the mid section of the whole wall book case could be built to slide to the right and reveal a counterbalanced sprung mechanism which worked with the weight of the mattress. The beds are comfortable, safe and light with an easy finger touch action to lift the wall bed up and down.  Is this the type of solution that would work for you?

There are other examples of creating more space without compromising the original use of a room.  Think of a medium sized dining room with a beautifully crafted display unit.  AVK Interiors would be able to redesign the wall unit so that behind the cabinets hid an electrically operated double bed. In use it was a guest bedroom and by day an elegant dining room Is this the type of solution that would work for you?

How about a small attic room?  AVK Interiors can supply and fit a wall bed system designed with a one-piece door attached to the bed base via a sub frame with a manual leg action. When folded away, the manual leg sits inside the bed. On opening the leg is manually folded over the foot end of the bed sitting on the underside, when the bed is in ‘sleeping’ position.

If space is an issue in your house, whether you own a studio apartment, holiday lettings or just need occasional guest space. Contact AVK Interiors Ltd, The Workshop, Greenacres, McKays, Llandybie, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire  SA18 2NY. Or  telephone: 01269 579 063 or eMail:

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