Recent Event -The 18 Secrets of Super Successful Business Owners was a Super Success
19th June 2010
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Nigel Botterill’s presentation exceeded all my expectations” a quote from Victoria North who attended thebestof Carmarthen’s special event - the 18 Secrets of Super Successful Business Owners at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales last Wednesday evening 16th June.

The event eagerly awaited by many business owners did not disappoint.  It was a gloriously sunny evening and many businesses arrived early to take advantage of viewing the gardens. At 6pm we all met in the Great Glass House for a glass of sparkling wine sponsored by Wilson Wines a truly worthy member of thebestof.   At 6.30 With drinks in hand we promenaded across the gardens  to the marquee, found our seats and Nigel was introduced……….. WOW from the start we all soon realised we were listening to an engaging, forthright but knowledgeable speaker

A quote from Donald Trump started us on this rollercoaster of a thought provoking presentation: “Most people think small because most people are afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, afraid of winning. And that gives people like me a great advantage”

Nigel posed many questions equally thought provoking:  Were we Whiners or Winners? No But-ters……?  Were we amongst those who blamed the government? The recession? In fact did we blame everyone and everything else except ourselves?  

Or did we take responsibility for our business?  Did we search out ways to do better, be different, differentiate our business from the completion, offer better service, better value?

One of the 18 secrets is knowing whether or not your staff were sabotaging your business.  It might not be intentionally and gave an example:- at 5pm in his offices the telephone system was switched over to the night service answering machine.  During the hours of 5 – 6 pm Nigel noticed that 45 enquiries came in, that could have been answered by a real person as staff were still working – just not answering the phones.  Business may well have been lost.  Needless to say the answering service is now activated much later.  Interestingly  Deidre Sutherland of Drive-Tec moved heaven and earth to come to the presentation rather than send a staff member as she recognised the importance and responsibility of a business owner plus Deidre did not want her staff getting ideas and setting up in competition, however one business owner did send 2 members of staff rather than come himself………!

Nigel discussed PPC/Google ad words with authority and encouraged all serious business owners to use it along with recognising the Internet and Social Media are here to stay and are all important parts of a business’s marketing campaign.  In fact the business owner should be the marketer of his business and should not rely on one form of marketing.  It is one of the most important parts of your business and it must be quantifiable.

Even though Nigel over-ran and people were hungry there was no fidgeting or sighs.  Everyone was riveted, many taking copious number of notes however.....

Nigel offered all who attended 5 free gifts:

  • How to use Twitter for less than 6 minutes a day to effectively grow your business.
  • Video Training Course: Getting to grips with Google Adwords… your PPC ‘GCSE’!
  • A Copy of Nigel’s book 20 Marketing Mistakes that Can be Fatal to your Business and how to Avoid them.
  • A copy of the evenings slides Plus a private One to One with Nigel. 
  • In addition Nigel offered two months free membership of Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneurs Circle.

Nigel came to the close and the applause was rapturous. Although the buffet was ready people chose to speak with Nigel first.

Final quote from Selwyn Runnett of Runnett Property Services: “I'm fairly sceptical these days about so-called 'inspirational speakers' but I was genuinely impressed with Nigel Botterill. Brilliant evening - well done!” 

Says it all!

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