Reasons to be Cheerful
25th March 2011
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Do your customers enjoy doing business with you?
Hello again
I spent yesterday with the Entrepreneurs Circle and had a terrific day.
I learnt a lot – as usual- but I was also reminded about something that was not part of the programme.
Sam Flynn, one of the other business people there (a social media manager from Manchester – but we can forgive her that!) was described in a testimonial as having a “sunny disposition”

This made me think that whatever line of business we are in it is important for our customers in to enjoy the process of doing business with us.

Whether it is how an enquiry is handled or when we actually deliver, we want to give value, we must do a good job, we must satisfy the customers need, but they are more likely to come back if they actually enjoyed the experience!

Of course this may be easy to say and a little more difficult to do, but customers who find it fun to do business with you are less likely to worry about price and to feel cared for. This last thing may seem small, but around 70% of people who change suppliers do so because they feel that their current supplier takes them for granted.
So It could be worth the effort in hard cash terms to smile at your customers, a reason to be cheerful?
Enjoy the Sun

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