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7th August 2009
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I have to say the idea of somebody tattooing make up on myself is not my idea of fun, however Beauty on the Move have linked up with a true Permanent Make Up & Cosmetics expert Scott Crawford-Triggs from CosmedicFX. I recently met with Rhian and the first thing I noticed and said was how lovely she looked despite having little make up on - then I discovered she had had the lightest of eye liner tattoo’d!  I was amazed. 

Rhian explained that the procedure is called Micropigmentation and is a form of medical grade tattooingAnd is pain free when applied! 

The hypoallergenic pigments are only introduced to the upper layers of the skin creating a shadow of colour.  So subtle that it looks as if make-up has been perfectly applied.

It actually appeals to me as I might at least look half way decent first thing in the morning and will obviously save time too as usually it is an extra 15 – 20 minutes each day applying my make-up!!

The permanent make up will gradually fade over a number of years but this is what makes it so cost effective. 

Do have a look at the Special offer for Permanent Make Up here.

This is ideal for people with
• little or no eyebrows or eyelashes
• poor vision or an unsteady hand
• allergies to conventional cosmetics
• watery eyes or hayfever
• or like me little time to worry about make-up

Rhian regularly holds presentations with Scott on the Permanent Make Up procedure.  It is a good time to ask questions, have your fears allayed and talk to a renowned expert so do call for details on 01267 232047

Rhian and Scott have already done one open presentation and many of her clients have booked appointments with Scott.

In addition to the Permanent Make Up Rhian offers a variety of treatments that you would expect from a Beauty Salon including the brilliant Sienna X Spray tan which so many celebrities use.  Click here to see current offer

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