Mike's "SUPER SIX SENIORS" hit the Gym at Glyn Abbey Golf Club
8th May 2010
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 Mike Davies is not only the Golf Operations Manager and the PGA Professional at Glyn Abbey Golf Club (recently awarded the Welsh Golf Club of the Year) but also Mike is regularly found following his second passion as an Advanced Personal Trainer.  However this time it is a new challenge.  Training the not so young!  "‘These are a very special group of seniors’, Mike explained. ‘It all came about after a recent course of lessons I ran for the seniors at the club.  One of my sessions is a one hour talk on the benefits of training your body for golf.  Out of 24 over 60’s I trained, six of them showed an interest in training with me in the Gym and I was delighted, this is a pilot scheme for me and I’ve fondly named them my Super Six! ‘The course is run over 6 weeks with 2 training sessions per week.  The students are measured not only on their physical fitness levels but also on their power by measuring their hitting distances. Over the six weeks they cover my Six Phase Golf Conditioning Program that I have delivered to both Gwent and Glamorgan county teams and it has been specially adapted for the Senior golfer"

It is important that anyone embarking on a new fitness training program should consult their Doctor before starting but Mike stressed the importance of training safely- start slowly, take your time, concentrate on posture.  Use pain as a warning sign to stop what you are doing and reassess.  Basically when training a mature body it is certainly Pain - NO Gain!

For more information on physical training for golf you can contact Mike by email or calling 01554 719066

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