Is your Business a Two Legged Stool?
23rd July 2010
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I like the idea that a business is like a three legged stool – one dodgy leg and the thing is next to useless. So what are the three legs of a business?
I think these can be broadly summed up as;

The stool will do its job best if all three legs are well constructed, but let’s be honest, we have all seen examples where one or other part is not functioning as well as it could,  for example:

  • businesses who just rely on customers coming by rather than going out and finding them.
  • Or people who just let the money take care of itself. They may have the wrong sort of funding, poor credit control or the wrong credit & payment terms with customers & suppliers.


Few of these things are done deliberately, sometimes they happen for historical reasons, sometimes things that were done in a certain way that was right then but the rest of the business (world?) has moved on. It can be because it is something you do not want to do or are uncomfortable with.
Have you ever played that game where you are shown a close up photograph of a familiar object, which you have to identify, sometimes a business is like that, when someone tells you what the object is it becomes clear.
Well if you are close to anything, sweating blood, pouring your heart and soul into it, what is the chance that you will have a balanced view it?
I like to think of Tutsan as the people who make sure you have three well fixed equal legs on your stool Give me a ring on 01550 739016 and lets chat things through.

In my view management includes an over reliance on the owner or head honcho, companies that do not deliver what they promise, because they miss deadlines, have customer  complaints and quality issues or supply customers in an unprofitable way.   Businesses that have operational problems: I have also seen businesses that just do not even try to deliver what they promise!


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