How an inadequate back up is worse than no back up at all
17th October 2010
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If your computer has ever crashed you’ll know the heart stopping moment that follows. Is my data backed up? You may have a back up and think all is well, but is it?

In theory you should be able to restore everything at the touch of a button. Have you actually tried this out? What if something went wrong and instead of a simple ‘restore’ you had to rebuild your computer from scratch? Could you afford the down time?

You may have a copy of your data but there are all the email accounts, internet accounts, contact details and emails to restore and rebuild. This takes time and is hugely frustrating when you have a business to run.

Many of us either ignore the need for back ups completely or have something that only does half a job. To avoid the hassle and frustration caused by absent or incomplete back ups, follow these simple guidelines.

1. Invest in the hardware and software to provide fully automated back ups so that you don’t have to remember to back up. External hard drives can be purchased for as little as £50.00.
2. Test your back up system so that in the event of complete data loss you can be sure that everything can be restored.
3. If you use an external hard drive that sits next to your computer, what would you do in the event of a fire or theft? An online back up that stores all your data securely in the ether is an excellent ‘double insurance’. In theory you can retrieve your entire system onto any computer, simply by going online.

Telemat IT and 1st KMH Computers can provide advice, equipment and software to ensure you have adequate back up systems, if the worst happens.

Don’t put it off, contact them today and sleep easy.

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