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6th June 2012
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“This time next year Rodney we’ll be Billionaires!”

Hi,  I hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday!
Do you prefer a more practical approach to Del Trotters well worn catch phrase to achieving your targets?
Sadly  Del Trotters predictions were based on hope rather than fact, and it was a piece of luck that made them come true in the end, however in his favour Del persisted and never gave up on his dream!

If I told you that I know the answer to achieving your dreams and opening the door to MORE customers and MORE profits, might that grab your attention?

As Rodney and Del know success doesn’t comes easily,  More usually, when Mr Opportunity comes a knockin’ most people shoo him away because he’s dressed in overalls and looks like hard work!
If you’re NOT “most people”, if you’re a motivated business owner who hasn’t given up on the ambitions you had when you set out in business, then I might have something of interest for you…
Do your business a favour, don’t be a “plonker” and come along for a couple of hours on the 13th.
Just give me some of your time, _ I know you are busy so I will not shilly shally about, and I’ll share with you something unusual and unique, and something that I know will be of serious interest to any and every business owner in this part of the world who hasn’t yet given up on the dreams they had.

If your dreams are still alive, whether they’re burning brightly or just a flicker, spare me around 90 minutes. I guarantee you won’t regret it and  I promise to be done by 5 0’clock. 
Give me a call on 01550 739 053 or my personal mobile 07876 25 66 22 and I will save you a place
Lovely Jubbly,Cushty
New York, Paris, Peckham, Llandovery

The Time
3pm Wednesday  13th June

The Place
Falcon Hotel
Lammas Street
Carmarthen, SA31 3AP

To save your place
Ring 01550 739 053 my personal mobile 07876 25 66 22

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