Cutting your training budget can seriously damage the health of your business
21st June 2011
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Do you operate any staff training?
Do you have a training budget for your staff?
Is staff training high on your list of priorities in this economic climate?
Would you consider training staff essential or is it the first thing to be axed if business is tight?

It is interesting that in an economic downturn the first things often to be cut are training and then marketing budgets and yet these should be considered as investments for the future.

Let us consider Staff Training and the pros and cons

What happens to your staff and your business if you do not keep up to date with a programme of staff training?

•    Staff can become stressed and inefficient, often taking time off
•    Work takes longer to do, so costs can escalate.
•    If work takes longer – then likelihood of customers not receiving the service expected and withdrawing their custom – double whammy!!
•    Dissatisfied staff lead to unhappy staff leads to higher staff turnover – more costs!
•    One unhappy member of staff is often more viral than two happy members of staff.

The alternative is to invest in your staff by ensuring that they perform to the best of their ability in the most efficient way.

So what type of training?

Processes – such as

  • IT skills,

•    Microsoft Office,
•    Adobe,
•    Sage Accounting,
•    ACT,
•    CRM,
•    Project Management,
•    General office skills.
•    Health & Safety

Communication skills:

•    Answering and using the telephone
•    Reception duties
•    Customer Service
•    Conflict management
•    Sales training
•    Account Management
•    HR
•    Marketing

Specific Skills dependant on the Business

For example  if you are hairdresser, do you ensure your stylists are up to date with new techniques on colour and cutting?
If you a Heating Company are your staff up to date with legislation and new products?  You get the picture?

I have heard businesses shy away from training staff as they believe they will move on to bigger and better things taking their new found skills with them.  It does happen occasionally but more often than not staff who have had training, feel appreciated and confident in their role and will stay, allowing your investment in them to mature.

Investing in your staff can pay real dividends as your customers will have more faith and trust in your business when dealt with by happy, knowledgeable and efficient staff.  This can only be achieved if you invest time and money in the right programmes.  If customers do not enjoy the experience of dealing with your company they will find another!

If it is processes you are looking for I can highly recommend Dividend Training based in Llandeilo  They offer in- house training, one to ones and have a dedicated air-conditioned training suite in Llandeilo where you can send staff on a variety of training packages.  For dates of up and coming training days click on to our events pages or give Dividend a call on 01558 629 050
If you are looking for the softer skills then drop me an email and I will source a recommended training company for you.

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