Are you putting people off by selling too much
25th January 2011
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At the Best of Carmarthen Expert Evening last night I was reminded of a key principle in Sales and Marketing. I do not like to be sold to but that I love to buy things. Perhaps you are in the same boat.

When someone was speaking knowledgeably about a subject, answering questions and giving us the benefit of the their knowledge I immediately recognised them as an expert in their field, I felt that I trusted them and that if I was to do business with them that I would be in safe hands. There was no mention of price and what I would be getting for my money just a feeling of trust.

Conversely when someone was speaking purely about what their service offering was, and why I should be buying from them I disengaged, not because I was disinterested but purely that they had not established sufficient trust and I had not asked them what they could do for me.

 This is where the power of questions come in, by asking your Customers great questions and speaking about the solution to their problems without making a “pitch” then you will be more likely to agree the sale and have the long term relationship that will yield the longer term benefits.

 Here is a quick technique to measure whether you are selling or not, if you are offered a cup of coffee, if the prospect finishes theirs before you finish yours then you are talking too much. The person asking the questions is in control, so start asking questions to help the prospect identifying how you can help them.

Well done to all the experts who rose admirably to the opportunity to answer questions.

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