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Eve's Toys Shop has a physical store in Carmarthenshire as well as an online store and they have beautiful and unique toys that are not found in most places.


Eve's Toys Shop is based in Carmarthenshire and is a traditional family run toy shop that sells amazingly beautiful European toys. They take their business very seriously and they believe in promoting a real-play aspect of their toys.

Eve's Toys Shop is a place for kids to become inspired. It is a place where they can explore, create, imagine, share, discover, work out, have fun and thrive! Technological developments in recent years have limited children in a lot of respects so there is a need to get back to basics. Eve’s Toy Shop is “all about the children” and the team thrives on working with their customers including parents, and children of all ages, to help find that perfect gift or toy!

Eve's Toys Shop has products that are carefully thought out and are produced by some of the best toy makers in the entire world. They have been designed with the child always kept in mind and they are made to last a long time.

Eve's Toys Shop has been in business for over 15 years and their experienced team have worked with children extensively throughout their careers. Eve's Toys Shop offers toys that cannot be seen everywhere, they are truly something unique. Customers are often amazed at the quality and range of toys that are on offer in the shop. The service is kept personal whether you are dealing with the physical or online store.

Eve's Toys Shop work alongside some of the best toy makers in the world such as Djeco, Brio, Schleich and Haba. There is even a savings club for customers whereby they can benefit from exciting offers throughout the year.

The beauty of what Eve's Toys Shop offers is that you will found toys here that are hard found elsewhere. The toy makers love the service that Eve's Toys Shop provides. With constant great offers and free events being run, you can’t go wrong with Eve's Toys shop.

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