Tell me why I don't like Tax Returns
31st March 2010
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Ah, the end of the Financial Year. And the beginning of my own private hell.

I'm terrible at bookkeeping and managing my own accounts. My poor wife is much better at it, and I confess I do take advantage of that - whilst telling myself she enjoys doing it, wouldn't be fair to deprive her.

So each year, I hand her a box file of tatty papers and receipts, and she has to squeeze a list of invoices out of me - like blood from a stone.

And from this she somehow manages to make sense of my accounts, waves a magic wand, and produces a finished Tax Return. As I said, she loves it.

One day I'll learn my lesson - and my wife will possibly go on strike - and I'll have to get in some help with my bookkeeping - someone like Business & Risk Solutions maybe.

Chartered Accountants, Business & Risk Solutions have strong green credentials and work hard to ensure their business practices make the minimum impact on the environment.

Another possibility on thebestof Canterbury list of Business Members is the Dynamix Group Accountants. They again offer a complete range of accounting services to businesses throughout Canterbury and the South East, but have a very good name for their bespoke packages and ability to tailor their services for the individual client - ideal if you have a slightly unusual business!

So this year I Must Try Harder, and sort out someone to relieve my long-suffering wife and her calculator.
Personally, I can't make head nor tail of accounts. I used to try, but I'm not a natural with figures and my brain used to hurt - physically hurt.
And she wouldn't want ME to suffer now, would she?


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