Spring Lane Day Nursery Gets Interactive Whiteboard
3rd October 2011
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When I had to choose a playgroup for my little girl, I searched around Canterbury to find the best, in terms of facilities, accessibility, staff and atmosphere. I found all those at this delightful nursery in the grounds of the Chaucer Technology School on Spring Lane.


Now my little girl has grown up a bit and moved on to primary school but the quality of Spring Lane Nursery has remained a constant high for acquaintances and their children. And it just got better. They now have an awesome new addition to the already 5 star facilities, in the shape of an Interactive Whiteboard.


What is an Interactive Whiteboard? I hear you say. Well it’s a large wall-mounted smartboard, linked to a computer. Whatever is written, drawn and created on the board appears simultaneously on the computer, to be saved or printed. And vice-versa, graphics, video, colour palettes and games run on the computer will appear simultaneously on the board, big enough for the whole group of children to be involved.


It really is the next step in any form of education, from playgroups to high schools! The benefits at this stage in a child’s life are enormous. The kids collaborate more, swapping ideas, helping each other and their language skills are therefore enhanced. All the children love to touch it and see their input make things happen. They are developing IT skills without really knowing it!


The support for the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is fantastic, developing motor skills, literacy and numeracy skills, making music and exploring the senses. And the best thing is, all the way through this, it’s just huge fun!


So the future is very bright indeed for children attending this playgroup, and personally, I kind of envy them!


If you would like to know more about Spring Lane Day Nursery, visit their website or give them a call on 01227 479696

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