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24th August 2010
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I know I've blogged about upcoming events at the Herne Bay Festival recently, but I had to draw your attention to one evening in particular that I plan to attend.

This Friday evening (27th August 2010), from 4pm, three films will be shown in the open air of Memorial Park, for the Screen On The Green event of the festival.

There's something appealing about open-air cinema events, a cross between English summer music picnics and drive-thru cinemas of 50s America.

Although the films due to be shown this Friday are not perhaps the Film Noir that may have better-suited my idyllic imaginings of summer's evening outdoor cinematic experience, but they are nonetheless modern classics. The first two are good wholesome family fun - just make sure you get the kids off home before the final showing of the night! More gruesome than wholesome (unless you're referring to the shark's diet of course).

4pm - Finding Nemo
6pm - Hook
8pm - Jaws

Memorial Park, Kings Road, Herne Bay.

It's FREE, it's local, and it should be a whole lot of fun in the park - get a group together and get down there.


For more listings of other remaining events in the Festival, have a look at




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