Recipe for the perfect Father's Day Card
16th June 2010
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Unless you've had your head totally under a stone recently, you'll know it's Father's Day this Sunday. 20th June - don't forget it!

Now, you could go out to a shop and buy Him a card from the Darlings, which of course is what I should be promoting.

However, I know how much something made by the Darlings own fair hands brings a smile to my face, so will be hoping for plenty of paint, glitter and tasteless designs!

Nothing says 'I love you Daddy' more than something they've poured their sticky hearts into, so as a Dad of (nearly) four, I can't recommend enough that Mums and carers standing in as Creative Directors this week really let the Darlings go to town.

You will need:

Paper / card
Crepe / tissue paper
Pens / crayons

Don't worry about bring any Creativity to the table - the Darlings will bring that in spades (which will tie in nicely with the bucket)

Stir for 20 minutes, bringing gently to the boil. Leave to cool and clean up using the Mop and Bucket.
Allow Darlings to present to Daddy on Father's Day morning, with his breakfast in bed (natch), and watch the smiles spread.
Hugs are optional but highly recommended.


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