People of Canterbury - Our High Street Needs Us!
4th August 2010
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Hundreds of businesses and consumers are set to benefit from thebestof's national Buy Local campaign, running since spring this year.

The aim of the campaign is to focus on what makes our local high streets work, and where they can be improved. A nationwide survey, it is hosted by each of the some 350 individual thebestof websites, concentrating on their own local business communities.

And the Buy Local campaign is proving so successful that it has been extended now until the end of August.

It's a crucial tool in generating feedback from Canterbury consumers, discovering what it is they love about their local high streets, and what perhaps isn't working so well.

But beyond the survey, it's also about building relationships, and loads of businesses across the UK are now displaying the Buy Local logo, showing they not only support local services, but are supported in return. If you want to get your business involved, with no commitment to anything - this is no hard sell - then drop us a line here at thebestof Canterbury to find out more.

Canturbury residents can do their bit by completing the simple survey on our Buy Local page.

We have such diversity and specialism of businesses in Canterbury that we need to celebrate and promote them at every turn.

And that's what we're all about at thebestof Canterbury - word of mouth did indeed just get louder.


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