Parking in Canterbury - Pain or Pleasure?
19th April 2010
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Parking, as with most places in the UK, is certainly a key topic of debate in the City of Canterbury. It looks like the City Council are having a period of consultation with local people regarding numerous proposals for parking issues in and around Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and surrounding areas.

It all sounds terribly dull on the surface, but once you start looking at the proposals, it's well worth a look to see what might be about to happen in your street. or any other street you might be concerned with in fact. It's a bit of a long list, but each documented proposal is short and well tabulated on the City Council website.

You haven't go long to respond however - comments and objections must be in before next Monday, 26th April 2010.

From the proposal to ban footpath parking in St Dunstan's Street Canterbury after residents' complaints, to restricted parking on Barton Road and Pilgrim's Way to allow bus drivers safer passage around corners. There seem to be a number of small but significant changes being requested, often by members of the public and residents, including extensions to double yellow lines, more parking bays in particular roads, and time limits in certain areas preventing long-term parking by commercial vehicles at weekends in tourist spots.

At a quick glance, most of the proposals seem quite sensible, but obviously people using these roads themselves will I'm sure support and object in equal measure.

Take the time to have a look - you won't have a wheel to roll on afterwards if you want to complain and haven't objected beforehand.


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