Only a couple of days of love left
11th February 2010
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This February has so far been dominated in thebestof family by the 14 Days Of Love - two weeks where satisfied customers across the UK get a chance to promote and praise their favourite local businesses.

Each business' Love Score - the number of testimonials they've received - is being pitched against other local businesses in both their area, and nationally by category.

Within the confines of Canterbury, Singles Speed Date is still topping the charts as the favourite local business, and Body Active is sneaking up behind with only one less testimonial. Check out our Love-o-Meter to find out who else is in the Top Ten favourite local businesses for Canterbury.

With only a couple of days left until the climax of Valentine's Day, there's still time to let us know who your most loved companies are locally. There are daily prizes to be won for submitting testimonials....

And if you're a local business owner, don't be shy - ask for the love. Spread the word to your clients, and direct them to thebestof Canterbury website so they can love you publicly.


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