Oh yes it's behind you!
18th November 2009
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I'm going online, I'm booking my tickets, I'm making sure I get seats right at the front. What for? Why, Peter Pan at The New Marlowe Theatre of course!

And sometime in January I will stop talking like a Principle Boy (apparently it's driving my better half crazy) and shouting "It's behind you!" randomly at my bewildered neighbours.

Meanwhile: Peter Pan is in town.

Not for us the glitz and glam of beanstalks and magical coaches this year, we get Captain Hook and a boy who never grew up (apparently that's me as well, but I don't think it was a compliment in my case).

AND it's Ade Edmonson as Captain Hook - my nostalgia for The Young Ones and Bottom knows no bounds, and I'm intrigued to see how many times a Lost Boy will get hit in the face with a flaming kipper.

For full details and booking information for Peter Pan and other shows this season at The New Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, check out www.newmarlowetheatre.org.uk

I've got my Hook hat to wear already.

Oh no you haven't
Oh yes I have
(and so on)


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