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21st September 2010
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Now I'm someone who has habitually avoided karaoke nights out at all costs and usually find them a right royal pain in the ears.

However, for my friend Phil's birthday this week, I have been persuaded to go along to The Farmhouse bar  for a few drinks this Friday 24th September - and also to witness open-mike singing with a difference.


Get Your Rocks Off At The Farmhouse
Come and embrace the immense fun there is to be had by getting up on The Farmhouse stage
Be in front of a real life band and belting out some of your favourite rock'n'roll standards.
Register in advance on our website, or just choose your song on the night, this is your opportunity to tread the same boards as your heroes for a night.
Tickets £5
The Farmhouse
11 Dover Street
01227 456 118


Now, I must admit I couldn't find where to register in advance on The Farmhouse website as directed, so will have to rely on booking a song on the night. Not that I'll be doing anything solo you understand - the most my friends might get me doing is some backing vocals. I'm certainly not getting up there on my own.

We'll see, said Phil.


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