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13th September 2010
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Well, we're about mid-month once again, so I take a customary peek at what TheBestOf Canterbury Members Offers are due to run out at the end of the month.
It seems there's only one ending on 30th September however, although there are a few more ending on 31st October - still plenty of time to make the most of those.

Howletts Wild Animal Park - Special Offer ending 30th September
Book individual tickets online in advance and save 25% off the standard entrance price with this EXCLUSIVE offer via thebestof Canterbury. Please visit for full details of how to make your booking. This offer ends 30th September 2010. PLEASE QUOTE: BESTOF25 (Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer including Tesco Clubcards.)

It's easy to join up as a Member of TheBestOf Canterbury, it's FREE, and it gets you access to some great discounts and deals from local businesses and events.

At TheBestOf Canterbury we champion local business and organisations, and love to pass on the contacts we make day to day. To plagiarize a well-known League of comic genius, we're a local business for local people (and of course anyone visiting the area as well. Which is where the analogy falls apart slightly!)

Anyway, we have some wonderful local businesses in and around Canterbury, and those who've joined TheBestOf community can be found easily in our Business Directory.

TheBestOf Canterbury - with regular special Members Offers, events and a general networking to everyone's mutual benefit, and a great deal more besides.


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